demi-woven jersey light piques,
linen denims, sueded silks, raw denims, vintage poplin, silk linens, crepes

Styles referenced: 
Isagani Dress²⁰¹⁷, Garutay Bralette²⁰²⁰, Teodora Dress²⁰²¹, Dakila Shirt²⁰¹⁷, Free Cuff Jeans²⁰¹⁵, Kudah Basahan Dress²⁰¹⁷, Denis Biker Jacket²⁰¹⁵, Jan Shell Jacket²⁰¹⁵

Made in Manila, Philippines

Photography by Renzo Navarro
Styling by 3-D Atelier
“What makes Carl Jan Cruz and Univers’ partnership monumental is that it is the store’s [UNIVERS’] first ever collaboration with a homegrown designer. [...]

Their new relationship is founded on CJ’s “clear vision of style,” which led him to bring the brand to Univers in the first place.

With talks beginning as early as 2019, the collaboration remains a work in progress. CJ is grateful that their relationship has caused him to evaluate what it means to be a contemporary Filipino brand.

“I wanted to communicate that it wouldn’t be possible without my team; without building it over time,” the designer shares. “In the atelier, we love the conceptual pieces. but we want people who want to wear them. [The collection] is a celebration about wearing these pieces on the streets.” 

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